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How to Convert Website to App | Web2appz | Turn Website To App

Today, every firm has an internet business that considers turning websites to mobile apps. People began to prefer mobile applications to web pages. Mobile phones and applications have become one of the most essential factors for each successful organization; they need to convert website to app.

Uses of converting a website into an app:

  • Mobile applications are always preferable to websites. Since it is compatible with all browsers and screen sizes.
  • We believe that developing an app for your website is essential for growing your business. The most successful companies will have desktop and mobile versions.
  • There are numerous advantages to using a mobile app. Build an app for your website and enjoy the beneficial outcome.
Convert website to app

How to Use Web2appz to Convert a Website to a Mobile App

  • There is no requirement for coding skills for converting a website to a mobile app. Here’s a quick guide to converting your website into an app utilizing web2appz.
  • Enter the URL of your website and press the convert button, and it displays the website android app.
  • Give your app a name that you desire. Enter the URL of your website & provide the logo for your application. Also, enter some information about our app in the about app field.
  • Choose the options you desire (includes separate payments)

Convert Website to App with Eye-Catching Features

The splash screen

Make the most appealing splash screen for your application. We build a visually appealing splash screen for our clients or users.

Push notification

Push notifications allow you to communicate directly with your customers. It informs your consumers about your company’s discounts and services.

AdMob by Google

By using the Google AdMob functionality, you may earn extra money and profit from your mobile app. AdMob is a mobile advertising platform that will show banner advertisements in your app.

Application Publishing

We can publish apps that users may download from the Google Play store. When you enable this functionality, our employee will publish your Android app to the Google Play store.

Google Analytics

Convert your website to an Android application. Using the Google Analytics tool, you can learn about your users and their activity. It assists in tracking their origins and data.


Nowadays, each businessman needs a mobile app for their company.  So, the business owners consider how to turn their website into a mobile app without the aid of a developer. But it takes a long time. Also, Is it feasible to create an app in a short time?

Yes, it is also feasible to convert your website to a mobile app with web2appz. Web2appz is the greatest web2apk builder, turning your website to an app within a day.