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How Admob Feature Helps to Earn From Mobile App

Every business aim to earn some profit, today the mobile app is more essential for the business. And the mobile app also has some opportunities to generate revenue.  One of the best options to get money from a business mobile app is Admob Feature. This blog is about how the Google Admob Feature helps the business and its revenue.

AdMob is a Google advertisement tool. It can be used to monetize mobile apps. It enables mobile app owners to promote their apps through in-app advertisements.

How to Earn from Admob Feature - Web2appz

How to Earn from Admob Feature

AdMob lets you earn money by displaying advertising in an app. Also, it provides an opportunity to make money on both Android and iOS platforms. If you create the ads using Admob and Gets more views from the user, then you can get more money.

While using the Admob feature, the mobile app owner can choose what kind of ads to display in the mobile app. And when and where to show the ads in the app. There are three categories of Google Advertisement which include Banner, Interstitial, and Rewarded. With AdMob, you can quickly make money out of your mobile app. In Admob, you can get revenue per impression to the ads,

If you have the eCommerce app or using an in-app purchase or paid app, can earn from the app. If you are offering the free app, then using the Google Admob Feature is the best option. If you are running the business, but don’t have the mobile app. Now you can easily convert your website into mobile app using web2appz.

Web2appz is the online app builder that lets you convert website to app. It builds your app from the website and you can also have Google Admob and Google Analytics in your app. It is one of the best web to app converter online.

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