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Steps to convert website into ios app

There are a large number of people who download the apps from the apple app store. A total number of downloads for the Apple Store (Estimates from Top 500, from the category β€œall”, January to June 2019) The number of downloads from the Apple app stores increasing than previously.  As the business owner, your goal is to reach everyone. If you have a website, we convert website into iOS app is the most important part of your business. Nowadays it became necessary to change the website into iOS app.

Advantages of iOS app for business

  • High-end security
  • Better User experience
  • Helps to reach your business to the international market
  • Secured Transaction
  • Enhanced scalability

Web2appz is the converter, which helps to convert your website into iOS app in easy and simple steps.

convert website to iOS app

Below are the steps to convert website into iOS app.

  • Enter your website URL in the given box and click the convert button, and it shows the three options you select the iOS to turn website into the iOS app.
  • Enter the app name that you prefer for your app. Type your website URL and give the icon for your app and enter some details about our app in the about app column.
  • The features are given below, each feature has a separate payment and selects what do you need for your website.


Push notification

Use the push notification to contact the customers directly. Push notification lets your customers know about the deals and updates about your business.

Google AdMob

Enabling the Google AdMob features lets you generate additional revenue from your apps. You can earn from the ads like the banner.

App publishing

Publish on the app store successfully. This feature will let our team upload your app to the app store. You just need to share your AppStore login details.

Google Analytics

Web2appz helps our clients to know about their app users through the Google Analytics feature. These insights will help to know the customer behavior and let the business grow.

The above-given information helps to convert your website into an ios app. Web2appz is the best solution to turn your website into iOS app and converting the website to an iOS business app will help to improve your business, and also through the app, you can reach more customers globally.