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Convert website to mobile app using an ultimate platform, Web2appz

Any business, it may be big or small, needs a mobile app that can be used by both Android and iOS users.  The mobile app allows the business owner to reach a wide range of users or customers. you can convert your existing website to mobile app.

There are many web to app conversion sites available online, among all of them web2appz remains the best platform to convert website to mobile app. It offers quality service to its customer at an affordable cost. Comparing to the other sites, it also provides more features to the app.

Basic features an app must have:

Below are the five features which should be considered while turning the web to app using the app converter.

Push notification

The push notification is the message which is sent by the mobile app to the mobile devices. The app owner can send push notifications to customers who have installed their mobile app and opted-in to receive messages.

Push notifications help to send the product and service-related updates to the customers. Through this feature, you can directly reach the customers. So it is important to make sure that your app has the push notification feature.


AdMob is a mobile advertising platform, AdMob is used to generate revenue through your mobile app. Enabling this feature will display ads like banners, interstitials, or videos in your business app.

App publishing

After converting website to mobile app, publishing it on the play store is an important process. There are many numbers of apps are available on the app store and play store. So your app must be high quality and convincing for the customer to download our app from the play store. 

Google Analytics

While converting website to mobile app Google Analytics for your mobile app helps to measure the number of users in the app and their behavior. It helps to easily understand your customers, and it shows the user navigation paths on your mobile app.

Splash screen

The Splash screen is the first screen that appears on the mobile display when an app loads. An appealing splash screen will help to attract more users to your app.

Above are some of the features which a business owner must consider while converting their website to mobile app.  The pricing of every website will be varied depends upon the company. But web2appz provides quality service for their customer.

Comparison of the website to mobile app conversion sites with web2appz:

Comparison of website to mobile app sites
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