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Online App maker to create your mobile app

In Today’s scenario, even a small business also needs a mobile app. The business with the website became most common. And If you want to improve your business and stand out from your competitors. You must build a mobile app for your business. Most of the business owner knows the importance of the mobile app. And they are ready for creating their mobile apps. But choosing the best app maker is the biggest challenge for them.

The businessmen think, for building the mobile app they must need coding knowledge or they need to hire a developer. But it is not compulsory for every entrepreneur should have coding knowledge. And hiring a developer will consume more time and have to spend more money.  There is a lot of online converters are available. Choose the best converter to convert your website to app.

Web2appz is the online app builder that converts the website to both android and iOS mobile apps. It doesn’t need any coding knowledge to convert the website to app.

Converting Steps using app maker:

  • First, select the pack which one you want Android, iOS, or Both.
  • Enter the URL and fill the details
  • Enter an email id, the created app will be sent to the email.
  • If you want additional features, you can select separate packages.
  • Once finishing these steps. You will be taken to the payment step.
  • You can select your preferred payment method.
  • After completing the payment process, your app creation will be started.
  • The apk will be created and send to your given mail-id with a day.

Some important features :

  • Splash screen
  • Push notification
  • Google AdMob
  • Android publish to play store
  • iOS publish to App Store
  • Google Analytics

Web2appz is the best app maker, It creates your mobile app and helps to grow your business on a successful path. The app maker will turn any kind of website into business mobile app without any extra effort.