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Best website to apk converter online

Today, the android platform is growing at its highest position globally. The android play store is filled with more than 500k apps for over 500 android devices. The main reason for the popularity of the android market is, it consists of many free apps. People download millions of app daily from the android play store. So, mobile users are increased than website users. It leads the businessmen to convert their website to apk. Mobile apps will be helpful to the growth of the business.

Choosing the best website to apk converter:

When planning to convert the website to a mobile apk, the business owner must choose the best online website to apk converter. While choosing the online apk converter, you must know about the features that come with your mobile app.

Some of the basic features that the mobile app includes:

  • Push notification – helps to update your recent offers to your customer.
  • Splash screen – It is the first screen that displays when your app loads.
  • Google Admob – It helps you to earn from the app by allowing the ads.
  • Google Analytics– Allows you to know your app insights and your user’s behavior.
  • App publishing – This feature, will publish your Android app in the play store.

There are many converters available online, web2appz is one of the best online platforms to convert websites to apk. (If you want to add some extra feature then you will have to pay a payment). Using this platform, you can convert your app as per your requirement. Web2appz converts the website into both Android and iOS mobile apps.

Web2appz is one of the best website to apk converter online. It offers app-related premium services to all kinds of businesses. Converting your website to the mobile app with the help of web2appz will improve your business growth. It allows you to stand unique from your competitors.