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How to Convert Website to apk in 7 Easy Steps

Developing a mobile app for your firm helps you to reach out to new consumers while keeping your present loyal users. Furthermore, it creates a new source of revenue. Among the major issues for businesses when building applications is a shortage of programming knowledge. With the use of online app converters, any type of company can convert website to Apk. The web2apk builder will assist the company in building mobile applications quickly at a lesser cost.

Web2appz is one of the most well-known websites to mobile app converters online. Here are a few reasons why a business should choose Web2appz to build their app.

  • Web2appz can create apps for both the Android and iOS platforms.
  • You may create an app from any website.
  • You do not require coding skills or writing a program to develop your app.
  • Users may acquire your app at an affordable price.
  • Additionally, the app offers all of the functionality required for your business.
  • Utilizing Web2appz web to apk converter, you may get your apk within a day.

These are just a few reasons why businesses should use Web2appz to create their mobile app from an existing website. With no coding required, you can use this tool to convert your website into a native app. It is true that you can convert website to apk without knowing how to code.

Step by step guide to Convert Website to apk - Web2appz

Step by step guide to Convert Website to apk

Here we explain step by step process of how to convert website to apk with the help of web2appz.

Create App- Web2appz
  • Enter the Name of your smartphone app
  • Provide your website’s URL, email id, and app icon
App name - Web2appz
  • And write some description about your app
  • Select Android, iOS, or Mac OS
  • If you want additional features like Google Admob, Push Notification, etc.
Additional Features - Web2appz
  • Select the payment method. After completing the payment process, the app will send your given email id.
Payment Options - Web2appz


There are various online app creators for Android and iOS. Web2appz is a website-to-app converter that turns websites into smartphone applications. These benefits of using Web2appz to turn a website into a mobile app are provided.