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Most Efficient Ways to Monetize Mobile App in 2020

As an entrepreneur, it is important to work for improving your business to the next level. In today’s trend, the mobile app for business is the most significant. And you can create your app or turn your website into a mobile app with the help of online app makers. After successfully creating the mobile app, apart from reaching your customers and selling your product or service to them. There is some other way, that you can do to get more revenue is monetize mobile app.

App monetization is the process of generating money from your business mobile application. And it is not an easy idea. There are many methods that can be used to monetize mobile app. And here are some efficient ways to earn money from your mobile app.

How to Start Monetize Mobile App-web2appz

How to Start the Monetize Mobile App

Paid Apps

Paid Apps means if the user wants to download your mobile app. Then they need to pay an upfront fee. But while using this method to monetize mobile app, it is important to provide the right service to your users. But the paid apps are downloaded, Only 20%, comparing to the free apps on the play store.

In-App Advertising

It is one of the best options for free apps to generate revenue. In these methods, the ad will display on your mobile app. Using In-App Advertising has more benefits. If you are displaying the right kind of ads, then you can earn money from the app. Google Admob, Facebook Audience Network, and Google Ad manager are some popular Ad providers.

In-App Purchasing

In the In-App Purchasing methods, you can allow your users to buy your products or services in your mobile application. While integrating the in-app purchase, you should be concentrating more on the user experience. And using the Push Notification feature will help you to get connected with your user and your send notifications to the users about your product updates.


In the subscription method, users can download the application free of charge. They will then have access to some of the app’s features for a given time. When this time is over, they’ll have to pay a monthly fee to continue to use your app. And In this subscription model, the app owners can offer subscription discounts for upgrading and getting more users to the app.

Sponsorship and Partnerships

Sponsorship means partnering with marketers who can provide users with rewards or offers when they perform such in-app activities. With the sponsorship model, you can able to attract more marketers to pay for greater public visibility. The partnership is that you are collaborating with another app, whose user base fits your own. This is a mutually beneficial partnership that helps each one of you improve your service and attract more users.

These are some of the methods for monetize mobile app. If you are still don’t have the mobile app for your business, and then you are missing out on the opportunities for generating more revenue from your mobile app. And now you can easily convert your web to app and start earning from your mobile app.