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How To Turn a Website into Mobile Apps(Android & iOS)?

How To Turn A Website into Mobile Apps

The new time for mobile applications is obviously here. And no successful business can afford to ignore it. Because of the growing importance of apps in sales and marketing, many owners are considering to turn a website into mobile apps. Which is preferable, a website or an app? Every eCommerce platform owner will face this issue at some point or another.

The statistics demonstrate the consumer preference for mobile apps to mobile sites. Here are the two. The first one is the time-percentage people from various nations worldwide spent online on mobile.

Respectively, the second one represents the percentage of mobile minutes spent on applications.


Most entrepreneurs nowadays tend to just have both: a website and a mobile app. Without thinking about the real role they should play in their business. In this way, don’t be in a rush to convert your eCommerce website into a mobile app or to attempting to run two of them. Understand the genuine reason, study the market needs, competitors’ advantages, and afterward choose. Hence what you need most: an effective website or a relevant app.

Our life moves quicker and apps have taken their place in it, step by step replacing slow and huge websites. These modest icons are on the screen of our mobile devices on iOS, Android, and different platforms. So it is constantly ready to meet our needs wherever we are.

Native Apps

Native apps are quick, handy, simple to use, and have plenty of advantages, in comparison with their website predecessors. But still, there are lots of services that work better on a website. It’s more helpful to have a close look at the products’ details.  To work with some huge guide regions, read long reviews, and do plenty of different things on the desktop. So mind these features, and think twice before trying to transfer them to an app. Don’t put your business at risk just because for the sake of a modern trend. They having a mobile app for your business.

Use Web To App Converters

If your concept of moving your business to a mobile application still makes well for you, at that point don’t hesitate. To learn how to stay in order and how to turn your website into mobile apps. But how this can influence your product.

Converting your website to a mobile app you provide your customers with a lot of useful choices. Since which makes their experience more pleasant and creates a better commitment:

  • quick access to their wallet and other payment methods;
  • brief data update with push notifications;
  • mobile apps are quicker and easier to use than websites (in most cases);
  • access to camera and photo library;
  • access to contacts and other user’s private data;
  • capacity to stay away from any printed confirmations or tickets, by using QR codes;
  • access to maps and personal geolocation;

also, last but not least – you allow them a chance to do what they really need. Wherever they are: in transport, in a cafe, by the pool, or even in a hospital. So everywhere they take their smartphone, your mobile product goes as well. Now you can convert your website to the mobile app using web2appz, which is the online app converting platform.

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