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How to make an app from your website

The ultimate goal of every business owner is to enhance their business and increase the sale. For that, they must be in the current trend. And they must use the latest technologies. A mobile application for the business became more important today. But, there is a time where making your own websites, establishing your first online marketplace, or developing your business mobile application would entail certain extensive programming skills or sufficient funds to recruit people with programming skills. But the time has changed, Many companies nowadays have online tools to make an app. And it made the process as quick as an hour at a lower cost. Besides having actual technical skills, you can use many websites to build an app from the website instantly.


Make an app using web2appz

If you choose to convert your website to a mobile app with zero coding knowledge you can go with a platform like web2appz. Using the web2appz to create a mobile app, you don’t have to spend your valuable time creating your application. All you have to do is selecting the several features that web2appz provides and build the application that not only looks stunning and performs extremely well.


Steps to make a mobile app

  • Initially, you must select the appropriate pack which will full fill your requirements.
  • Insert your website URL and fill out the required details
  • Give your email id, so that the created mobile application will be sent to the email.
  • If any additional features need for your mobile application, you can select them from the individual packages.
  • After completing these steps, you will be taken to the payment process.
  • You can decide on your preferred payment method.
  • After the payment process ends, your application making will start.
  • The apk will be built and send to your given mail-id within a day.


If you’re trying to get your business app onto the marketplace in a short time, but don’t have money to burn, the best method is to get your application with web2appz. It is an online app builder, which helps you to make an android and iOS application. Web2appz is a completely user-friendly platform, where you can create an app with a few simple steps. It creates a stunning mobile app for your business.  The mobile app helps to generate more profit.