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How to Convert Website to Android App with Web2appz

Mobile phones are essential services for people in a digitally-driven environment. The portable mobile devices and their apps make convenience throughout all aspects of life. Everything can be accessed via smartphones like online shopping, and other businesses.

Greater consumer engagement is one of the factors that the businesses spend time and cost in creating their mobile apps. Also, mobile apps provide global public connectivity, increased accessibility, transparent contact between companies and consumers, etc.

Everyone has the question that how to convert website to android app. This post will give you a clear idea about how to convert website to android app.

How to convert website to Android App

How to Convert Website to Android App

Having only an online presence does not really help for business growth. To get more users for the business, you need a mobile app. And Android has a huge customer base. Having the Android mobile app will help to improve business when comparing to other platforms. There are two ways to transform the web into a mobile app. You can either convert your current website to mobile app with the help of online web to app converters or, you can turn the app by hiring mobile app developers. Here are the steps involves for converting the website to an Android app.

Steps to Convert Website to Android App by Hiring a Developer

Once you decided to convert your website to mobile app with the help of a mobile application developer, below are the process done by the developer to convert web to app.

Understanding the website Functionalities

The first step is to convert the website to mobile application is analyzing the website features and how the website works. But while building the mobile application with the developer, it won’t be the same as the website.

User Requirements

In user requirements, the business owner can add the features and functionalities to their mobile apps before starting the programming process.

Designing the App

The mobile app should have a user-friendly and attractive design so that the customer of your business will get a better user experience while using your mobile app.

Mobile App Development Process

Once the designing process is completed the next step is the back-end development process. To create the Android App, the developer will use the Android Studio and some other technologies to complete and deliver the mobile application for your business.

Steps to Convert Website to Android App Using Online App Converters

Here are the steps to be followed to convert the website to Android App using the online App converters.

Find the best website to App Converters

The first step is to find the best website to mobile app converter online. There are many online app makers are available. But choosing the best web2apk builder is significant. Web2appz is the online platform that turns your existing business website into Android and iOS mobile apps. It offers the best quality mobile apps for its clients. Using web2appz, the mobile app conversion process is more simple and quick.

Choose the features and package for you App

Once you decided on the best web to app converter, the next process is to select the features and the package for the mobile app. With Web2appz, providing your website URL and the App details such as App name, logo and description, and your email id is enough to convert your website to mobile app. Also, Web2appz has all the essential features for the mobile application. The features are Splash Screen, Google Admob, Google Analytics, Push Notification, App publishing. Then, select the package to convert website to Android and complete the payment process.

Get the Mobile App

After completing the above process using the web2appz, then your mobile app conversion will start and your mobile app will be ready within a day. And the apk will be sent to your given email id.


So, These are the two ways to convert your website to Android App. While comparing these two methods, converting the website to an app by hiring the developer is a long-term process. And also, the business owner needs to spend more money to build the app. But choosing online converters like web2appz is made the process simpler. So, business owners need not spend much time and money to get the mobile app.

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