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How To Convert PHP Website To Mobile App

PHP is a server-side programming language that is used to create web pages and web applications. It’s a middleware that maintains dynamic web pages, databases, and other things between both the server and the front end of a website or web app. Mobile app technology offers an entirely different experience. The business can convert PHP website to mobile app with the help of an online platform.
Converting the PHP website to mobile app is not an easy task and it requires more skills, time, and money. But using the web2appz online website to mobile app converter anyone can turn their PHP website into Android and iOS mobile. Also converting PHP website to app has many benefits that are listed below.

Benefits To Convert PHP Website To Mobile App - Web2appz

Benefits To Convert PHP Website to Mobile App

  • The mobile application can be executed at reduced loading speeds, resulting in a better user experience.
  • Simple Accessibility
  • There are many possibilities to monetize mobile apps.
  • No delay for maintenance or updating
  • Connectivity to global mobile consumers

The above are the few benefits when converting PHP website to mobile app.

Web2appz is an online platform that creates mobile apps for Android and iOS from the website.
When you are using Web2appz to convert your PHP web app to mobile applications, you’ll obtain the apps with the same features and functions as your website. Web2appz will provide additional features to your app.

  • Push notification to send updates about your business deals and offers to your customers.
  • Attractive splash screen
  • Google AdMob to monetize your app
  • Google Analytics to track your customers on your app

Creating the mobile app from the website using the Web2appz is a simple process. The online tool doesn’t require any coding skills for the conversion of web apps to a mobile app. Also, you can easily launch your app to the google play store and the apple app store.

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