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How to Build App without Code for Your Existing Website

Mobile apps for business became one of the significant strategies to boost business sales and profit. In terms of getting into today’s fast market, the development of a mobile app became the top of the marketing plans. But, when the business considers to build app without code, it seems like a complex, prolonged, and expensive process. If the startup wants to launch the mobile app then they need to hire the developers or learn to code.

But With the Online app builders, any business can build app without code. Here is one such website to mobile app converter which can help the business to turn their existing website into mobile app without the programming knowledge.

How Web2appz Helps to Build App Without Code

How Web2appz Helps to Build App Without Code

Web2appz is a builder of web2apk that lets you build app without code and being a skilled computer programmer. It was explicitly designed for the entrepreneurs to make the best mobile app from the existing website for their business. By Converting your website to app with Web2appz, you can reach and communicate directly with all users of your business.

  • Anyone can build an app in minutes with no programming skills.
  • It facilitates you to the development process of the app, which ensures that creating an app is simple for everyone.
  • Your business app can be published on Both Google Play Store and the App Store.

To Create App from Website, all you need to do is providing your website URL and the App information that includes the app icon, description, and choose the features from the customized feature list. By converting the website to app using the Web2appz online platform you can have the features on your app. The Features include Push notifications, Google analytics, Google Admob, and splash screen. Web2appz is the ideal solution for a business that needs to build an app without code.

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