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How can I make my own mobile app

The main goal of the entrepreneur is promoting their business and increasing sales. For that, they have to be in the current trend and must use the latest technologies. The mobile app has a major role in today’s business over the website.

Each entrepreneur needs to create an application for their website. Because the main reason is 70 to 80 % of people are using the apps not the websites. So they want to create an app for their website. Today, smartphones are ruling the world from listening to songs, order food, and for every task, we need a mobile application. So, the usage rank of the app is increasing rapidly.

Mobile apps have enormous benefits over the website.  People are not ready to spend their time on slow-loading web pages.  Comparing to the website, the mobile app is faster.  It helps in the growth of the business.

As an entrepreneur, you may think that how can I make my own app? And what are the features to be considered on the mobile application?

make my own app

Creating mobile apps is becoming easier than ever. You can create your apk from your own website.

Web2appz is the platform that converts your website into the mobile app.  You can make your own apk for your business instantly.

There are a few steps to do to make a mobile application from your website.

Enter the website URL, give the name of the application, and give the logo. After finishing the payment steps. Your website conversion will be started.

Web2appz converts your website to apk in a day. You will receive the mobile apk through your mail.

Features of the apps:

  • Splash screen
  • Push notification
  • Google AdMob
  • Android publish to play store
  • iOS publish to App Store
  • Google Analytics

The above are the features that help to improve your business. Web2appz is the best site to convert your website to apk. You can make your own mobile app by utilizing the web2appz. It is one of the best web2apk builders which turns your mobile app without any extra effort.