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Ultimate Guide to Convert Website to Android App

Have you ever considered removing smartphones from our lives? It is very hard. But, a decade ago, we didn’t have mobile phones, and we never imagined that people would get addicted to them. And we can’t imagine a world without smartphones right now. It evolves a major element in people’s lives.

We live in a mobile world, and we are always on the go therefore we must keep in contact with the rest of the world. Apart from communicating via mobile devices, we use our gadgets for all the activities such as news reading, e-mailing, and so on. So, it is nearly impossible to do business without utilizing mobile applications or websites.

The Importance of a Mobile App:

It is not a good idea to plan to build a company website that is also mobile-friendly. If you want to engage more customers in your business, keep in mind that mobile applications are more important than websites. Many users are unable to utilize websites because they are overloaded. As a result, you should think about this group of people as well. If you own a website, you might be interested in learning how to convert  website to Android app using great application development services.

It is OK if you have a nice website. It is well-known; many people visit it every day, buy something, utilize the website’s services, and so on; but, this is insufficient for you. Why? The issue is in the mobile world.
It is uncommon to find someone who does not use smartphones and tablets, switching between several mobile apps on Android or iOS.

According to the research, global mobile data traffic was 19.01 exabytes per month in 2018. In contrast, mobile data traffic is predicted to exceed 77.5 exabytes per month globally by 2022.

Exciting? Without a doubt. It implies that you should consider how to convert a website to an Android app for those who like to use mobile devices.

There are several approaches available that help simplify the converting process. Furthermore, when it comes to native apps, they should be created utilizing ready-made apps because their unique characteristics must be taken into account.


Advantages in converting website to mobile app:

In the digital world, a website will not assist you to operate your business. You will also require smartphone applications. Every day, you miss out on amazing opportunities for your business if you do not convert your website to an Android app. The following are some of the benefits of converting a website into a mobile app.

Improved Personalization — Mobile applications assist in providing tailored services based on client choices.

Quicker performance – Mobile applications are 10 times faster than websites. The application stores the data locally on mobile devices, so that it may be retrieved quickly.

Stand out – Mobile applications may help you stand unique from the competition.

Increased sales – It promotes the business to a large extent and enhances business sales.

Reach out to more customers – Mobile applications reach out to more customers than websites.

Brand recognition – It establishes brand identity and improves user awareness.

Customer loyalty – The mobile generates trust and loyalty among users in your company.

Improved services — The Mobile app enables you to give excellent customer service 24 hours a day.

Even if you are not experienced with programming, there are several platforms accessible to convert a website to an Android app. Web2appz is available to help you. Within a day, web2appz converts a website to an Android app. It won’t take long, and there will be no need to spend a lot of money.

converting steps

Converting Steps using app maker:

  • First, choose the platform (Android, iOS, or both).
  • Enter the URL and fill out the form.
  • Enter an email address, and the app will be emailed to that address.
  • If you desire more features, you may get them each.
  • Once you’ve completed these steps. You will proceed to the payment step.
  • You can choose your preferred payment option.
  • Your app creation will begin after you have completed the payment procedure.

Within a day, the apk will be created and sent to the email address you provided.


The following are the features of the Android app:

Create an Android app for your company’s current website. Web2appz creates an Android app that includes all of the required features and functions. Customize your Android app to meet your specific needs. We assist with the conversion of a website to an Android app.

The splash screen

Make the most eye-catching splash screen for your new app. We design a visually appealing splash screen for our clients.

Push notification

Using push notifications, you may reach out to your consumers directly. Push notifications inform your consumers about your company’s offers and upgrades.

AdMob by Google

By using the Google AdMob function, you may earn extra money from your mobile app. AdMob is a mobile advertising platform that will place banner advertisements in your app.

App development

We produce high-quality apps that users may download from the Google Play store. When you enable this function, our experts will publish your Android app in the Google Play store.

Analytics by Google

You can learn about your users and their activity by using Google Analytics. It also assists in tracking their origins and statistics.


This blog will provide you with instructions on converting a website to an Android app without any programming skills. If you want to turn your website into an Android mobile app, web2appz is the finest online app builder to convert websites to apk. (If you want to add some other features, you must pay a fee.) You may convert a website to an Android app using this platform. Web2appz is a top website to Android app converter that turns websites into mobile apps for Android. You may access a worldwide market by developing an Android app for your website.

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